I saw in an article on ABCNews.com that a Justin Bieber action figure is coming out this December just in time for the Christmas rush. The toy is more categorized as a doll or plush in my mind and will feature the singer’s signature mop hairstyle and clothing style. In fact, it will come in two different varieties; the “JB Style Collection” and the “Music Video Collection”. In the “JB Style Collection” the figures will cost around $17.99 and will showcase Bieber in street, casual,  and formal outfits. The “Music Video Collection” dolls will cost around $27.99 and will feature Justin dressed in outfits from his more famous videos and contain sound clips to simulate the doll singing famous JB singles. With the young singer’s popularity and no shortage of fans of all ages I think it is almost a guarantee that these toys will sell like crazy over the holiday season. If you’d like to check the article out for yourself you can here.