Last year, I lamented the fact that while there were officially licensed My Little Pony costumes around in the 80s, Hasbro hadn’t released any costumes for the current generation. I offered some suggestions for where to get “unofficial” MLP costumes for your Halloween needs in this post but I’m excited to let you know that this year Hasbro finally has a line of official costumes for children and babies. (Sorry adults!)

Meet Pinkie Pie

(comes in regular and deluxe)

Star Song

(only comes in deluxe)

Rainbow Dash

(only comes in classic)

and Cheerilee

Weirdly, Cheerilee isn’t available for older kids, just infants. She’s also the only choice for infants.

My personal favorite is Star Song because I love her wings but what you do guys think? Cool? Silly? Weigh in below!