MLP Puzzles. There are a ton of them around, at least a dozen or more from each generation. A few people collect them but mostly all collectors have at least one or two lying around. Some people love to assemble them and have them framed which is something I’ve always wanted to do but have never actually done.

Whether you collect them or not, you have to admit that puzzles are tricky to keep track of, especially since pieces get lost, eaten by dogs, etc. The fact that most are made of cardboard is also a drawback because water, mold and rips and tears are all the enemy.

But even if you have no interest in collecting puzzles, you probably have some interest in looking at them, especially the vintage ones.

Along these lines, I had a wacky idea. What if those of us that had a few My Little Pony puzzles on hand were to scan them in. In other words, scan in the front of the box (so we know what the puzzle is supposed to look like) as well as the individual pieces. In theory, if someone really wanted to, they could print out the scanned in pieces on a color printer and recreate the puzzle themselves at home just for fun. This wouldn’t decrease the value of the originals but would be a way for people to enjoy some of the puzzles they may never have seen before.

It seems like a way to keep the puzzles alive long after the cardboard has fallen apart and to let everyone get to see what was out there whether they are a collector or not. And it feels like something we should do now while most of the puzzles are still in decent shape.

What do you think of this idea? Dumb? Cool? Pointless?

I have on hand five vintage puzzles so I’m going to get the ball rolling with this and scan them in and post them as I finish. If you have a puzzle, preferably G1 or G2, and would be willing to scan it in, please email it to me at with the subject Pony Puzzles. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get just about all of them documented and “preserved” online?

I’m willing to take the time to create a section for it on the website if people think it seems like a good idea. But let me know whether it seems like something worth the time.