• Do you want to be a winner?
    You’d think that since I’m on maternity leave from work that I’d have oodles of downtime to add blog posts, answer emails, and catch up on reading. So far, that hasn’t been the case. For such a tiny person, London takes up quite a bit of my time!

    However, I wanted to post to bring attention to some great contests going on in the pony community. www.mlptp.net is hosting a Pony Street Sign Contest where you can submit photos of street signs that match pony names for a chance to win prizes! Additional info can be found here. Also, the UK PonyCon is hosting a pony identification contest to raise funds for the 2011 UK PonyCon. Participants must donate at least 1 pound and correctly identify close-up photos of My Little Ponies for a chance to win ponies. Details can be found here.