Let me share with you this little blurb from the article, Are these the worst tween role models ever? From the makers of Barbie, now there are dolls that ‘have to wax’.

It is a problem that Hasbro, which makes My Little Pony is acutely aware of. Spokesman Donna Tobin explained that the company had given the toy a child-friendly makeover.

‘We want our girls to stay little longer!” she said. ‘Look at My Little Pony. She’s cute. She’s pretty. She’s pink. She may have a different look, but she has always stood for friendship. We’re not about lipstick or shaving.’

OK, we need to talk about this. First of all, obviously, My Little Pony used to be about make-up like lipstick, there was official MLP make-up in G1 as well as the Sweet Kisses ponies with color change lipstick. G2 was so about dress-up it was the entire theme of their PC game. So, yes, MLP was given a child friendly make-over with G3 which a lot of collectors who grew up with the original MLP took issue with.

Except what photo did they use for this article?

Child-friendly makeover: My Little Pony is aimed at children aged <br/>three to six

Child-friendly makeover: My Little Pony is aimed
at children aged three to six

First of all, she’s a G2 which isn’t the generation they redid to appeal to 3 to 6. And secondly? Could we have brushed her freaking hair before we took this picture?

They make me sad…

But anyway, how do you feel about MLP going for a younger audience? Do you think the MLP’s of the first two generations scared you for life because they had make-up?