Title illustration from The Tale of Peter Rabbit

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When you think of spring you usually think of flowers, especially tulips, little baby chicks, bright yellow baby ducks and, of course, bunnies. Especially because of Easter, the bunny has basically become the symbol of spring. They’re cute, cuddly, and about as threatening as a bucket of cotton balls. Right?

Well, Priced Nostalgia aims to change how you think about our fluffy long eared friends this spring with a series on bad-ass bunnies, hard-core hares, and radical rabbits. But we can’t do it without your help. So while I’m sitting here with a list of some of my favorite fictional rabbit characters, I’ll need to know some of yours if we’re to make it all the way through the spring.

Let me know below, who’s your favorite fictional bunny, rabbit, or hare? And what distinguishes them from your average cuddly wuddly little cottontail?