There is apparently a company called Variantnet who advertise their eBay Trading Assistant services in a series of radio ad. They mention a URL in their ad that is either or both of which redirect to an eBay page on their main website. Unfortunately, it seems that some people have been typing this address into their search bar instead of the address bar and ending up on our website instead. 

We also offer eBay Trading Assistant services which you can read about here, however, we are not affiliated in anyway with this company or their radio ads. We’re getting calls and emails with everything from complaints to customer support for Variantnet and we wanted to take a moment to clear up this confusion. Priced Nostalgia has nothing to do with Variantnet or their services. 

Please just keep in mind that all eBay approved eBay Trading Assistants will be listed in the official Trading Assistant Directory so always be sure to double check that any vendor is listed there before agreeing to a contract with them. 

We hope that this will clear up some of the confusion.