While we still do a large number of auctions, nearly every fixed price listing we have is enabled with Best Offer. Best Offer is like an Inverse Auction: Bid the price you want as an offer and as long as you’re the first person to get an offer it that looks good, we’ll accept it!

Yes, it really is that simple. The only restriction is that you only get three chances to make an offer on any single item so you’ll want to make the offer with the best chances first. Of course, if someone else grabs the item at full price or makes a higher offer while you’re making your offer, they’ll be the winner.

But if you ever seen an item in our store that you want but you don’t want to pay the price we have it listed for, don’t worry! Just make an offer of whatever you are willing to pay. If we like your offer, we’ll accept and the item is yours at the price you named. The worst that happens is that we either refuse or counter-offer if the price you named is lower then we can go. (Because we are often selling items for clients, we sometimes limited by their pricing wishes.)

Just three quick tips before you start making offers:

  • The closer the offer you make is to the listed price, the more likely we’ll be to accept it.
  • If you’re making offers on several of our items, mention that in your offer note. We’re much more likely to accept a lower-then-usual offer if we know you’ll be buying several things.
  • We almost never accept offers on items that are on sale so you probably wouldn’t want to waste an offer on a sale item.

We’ve been known to take some very big discounts off our listed prices when offers come in so don’t be shy! 😉

Ready to start bidding backwards? Check out all of our listings with Best Offer enabled here.