Cover of "Watership Down"

Cover of Watership Down

All spring, we’ll be featuring badass bunnies from the world of toys, action figures, TV, cartoons, and video games. See the whole series here.

As Sawyer from LOST would say, “It’s about bunnies!” In Watership Down, a group of rabbits fight for their home and manage to survive against impossible odds.

In particular, Chief Rabbit Hazel and his right hand man with the muscle, Bigwig, show extraordinary strength and cleverness in defending their burrow from threats in the mischievous spirit of folk classics like Brer Rabbit.

(In case you’re wondering why Brer Rabbit isn’t on this list, the short answer is that it’s pretty hard to find a version of him that isn’t horribly racial offensive. With all apologies to the beloved sterilized Splash Mountain version, I thought it best to pass him over.)

This submission comes thanks to @ThinkStory on Twitter!