A few weeks ago, we had a contest that centered around identifying the ponies in this page from the 2010 Cute Overload Page-A-Day calendar.

Well, in one of those, the internet is wonderful moments, I was contacted by the culprit behind the cute that you see above! Turns out, the photo above was taken by one of our own, namely Ianthe99 (aka Amber) of the MLPTP. I asked her if she’d be willing to give us a little “behind the scenes” info about both the photo and how it ended up in the calendar and she was kind enough to agree.

AND, because she’s extra awesome, she also gave us a few more pictures from that same day which you can see after the interview below.

OK, I gotta ask: what was going on when you snapped that photo?

Well, I was rearranging my pony collection. I was getting ready to put all of my gem G3’s on a separate shelf. So I pretty much just took them all and dumped them on the couch. Next thing I look over, Biscuit has curled up right in the middle with them… so out comes the camera. I got lucky and was able to sneak one under her paw.

How did it end up in the Cute Overload calendar?

If I remember right, I posted it to a Livejournal community dedicated to cute cat pictures. People kept telling me I should submit it to Cute Overload..so I did. She wound up on the site. Then, a while later, someone from the site contacted me and told me they were using it for the calendar, and asked me if I would like a copy! It was pretty neat!

Do you remember what other ponies were in attendance that day?

Only ones I can remember are the ones I can pick out of the pictures. It’s pretty much most of the gem g3’s. I think I was missing a birthstone or two and Silver Lining at the time. Here’s a list.

July Jubilee
Crystal Lace
January Joy
Hidden Treasure
Gem Blossom
June Blossom
March Mischief
Juniper Jade
Star Dasher
Twilight Twinkle
Windy Wisp
November Nights

I think that’s most of them. 😀 It’s been a while.

(Click the pictures to see them full size.) Thank you, Amber!

Isn’t the internet wonderful, you guys?