As you may have noticed, we had a few blogging bumps in the last few weeks. I had a personal issue that went on for a bit longer then I thought it would and, while Hillary from was kind enough to pick up some of the blogging slack, it was still pretty dead around here. Then we had some massive hosting problems so posts weren’t showing up and links were dead and we finally just got those resolved. Either way, I have been a terrible blogger and I apologize.

We’ve circled the wagons and hopefully have a plan for the future that will prevent any future interruptions. You should steadily be getting at least 2 posts a week from us from now on, hopefully more.

The biggest thing I’ve been missing during my, uh, hiatus was all this really cool news about the new Thundercats show. So consider this your catch-up on everything Thundercats.

Here’s the facts as we know them so far:

Whew! OK! I think we are all caught up now. So, will you be watching?