Pedophiles welcome and come to the MLP Convention to gawk at the freaks is the gist of this event posting from Boston. They say: 

If you’re a child of the ’80s, a retro toy collector, or a registered sex offender, then you might want to road trip it to Pawtucket for the My Little Pony Convention. The pickings are going to be ripe. (Just kidding! Pedophiles not invited!) But seriously, how awesomely twee is this shit? An entire con devoted to those sparkly little equines and the people who love(d) them. With costume contests, vendors, screenings, and more, this should be the best worst con since ALCON (Weird Al Yankovic fan fest in Chicago). We’d go just for the people watching.

Um… thanks for the news coverage…?

Also, did he just diss Weird Al? That’s not even remotely cool. The man is a legend.