Here’s the word we got directly from the folks at WeLoveFine:

Today is the day we had previously announced that voting would commence on our My Little Pony t-shirt design contest. We had originally hoped to have all of our submissions ready for voting at this time. However, we were overwhelmed by the dedication, love, and sheer number of submissions we received for this contest. The fans REALLY outdid themselves!

Our current module was not built to handle as many entries as we received. So the short explanation for why voting isn’t ready to rock and roll yet is that we are in the process of rebuilding a new module that can handle a whole lot more choices for you to select from as we narrow down the field toward our big winners.

There is some additional GREAT news to impart, despite the voting process still being pending, however!:

  • First of all, we are extending the submission period until July 18th! So you have nearly two more weeks to get your entries in, and those of you who missed the deadline last Friday can still get in on the action.
  • By the end of this week, our module will be ready to go. Even if you have already emailed your designs in, you will need to upload them directly to the web module once it is live, however it is super-easy and will only take a few seconds. Also, we’re asking that everyoneplease submit no more than five designs.
  • Most importantly, we have SERIOUSLY improved the prizes!: Our grand prize winner will now take home $1000 in cash! The four runner ups will receive a $50 gift coupon to
  • Voting will now begin on July 22nd, after the submission period ends and we review all of the entered designs; we will then tally votes for the winners until August 14th. Votes collected on the website will be calculated in tandem with our internal selection process; the combined results will determine our five winners.

We appreciate your patience as we tweak this contest to make sure it is everything it should be, to match the enormous enthusiasm you have all shown for MLP and for our site. We will post updates ASAP to let you know when the all-new web based module is ready to accept entries!

You can read and comment on this announcement here

This is especially good news for those of us going to the MLP Convention this weekend as we’ll actually have time to enter once we get back! Will you be entering now that the prize has increased?