Clothing co Mighty Fine currently holds a license to make both vintage (Retro? What do we call pre-FiM stuff now? I’m so lost. Back and my day, we called it all My Little Pony AND WE LIKED IT! *shakes old man fist at sky*) and Friendship is Magic My Little Pony shirts. They are one of the few companies that’s offering MLP shirts in adult sizes (including plus AND men’s sizes) so, support them, darn it! 😉

Want some input on the designs they choose? They’re doing a contest based on fan votes but you only have under 8/14 to get your votes in. Also, you have to register before you’re allowed to vote but I think they give you a 10% off coupon when you register so it’s there’s an extra little perk going on there. You can see all the entries and vote on them here.

Unfortunately, they are closed to submissions so if you missed your chance to send in a design hopefully they’ll do another contest in the future. 

Which one is your favorite?