Great news, vintage MLP fans! Though previously only available in junior’s sizes, MightyFine has now added adult women’s sizes as well as plus sizes up to 2X to their adorable powder blue retro style MLP shirt featuring Firefly and Sundance. I’ve been getting lots of comments and complaints about this since this was previously the only MLP shirt on their site not available in adult sizes so this should make lots of people happy! (Did we wear them down with our nagging? ;-))

This is currently the only vintage MLP design that they offer but, never fear! In the same email, they confirmed that vintage and retro inspired designs are welcome in their new T-shirt design contest despite how it may look. That means vintage fans have a chance at the big money prizes and in seeing their designs on a shirt so get submitting!

Of course, the best way to ensure they’ll make more retro and vintage pony inspired designs is to vote with your wallet!

You can purchase this shirt in its new adult friendly sizes here.