• But it wasn’t a rock… It was a rock, rock pony!
    Or Pony rock? Or pet rock pony?

    Needless to say, this auction for a My Little Pony inspired Pet Rock is one of the strangest Pony Themed items I’ve ever seen listed on Ebay. I guess when Pinkie Pie is your muse you’ve got to expect the unexpected.

    The absurdity of it made me giggle and I hope it (she?) finds a loving home.

    Click HERE to see the actual auction listing.

  • Walk Like an Egyptian… Pony?

    In honor of the fast approaching Holiday Season, The My Little Pony Fair is running a sale on the 2011 My Little Pony Fair Exclusive Pony. Instead of her normal retail of $35, pony fans can snatch her up for $25 for a limited time! Grab one for yourself and a pony pal and embrace your inner Isis!

    Check out the MLP Fair Shop at www.mylittleponycon.com