• Rainy Day Cartoons

    It is a rainy curl up on the couch kind of day around here and what better way to spend a lazy Sunday than eating a bowl of sugary cereal and watching some cartoons.

    I am a fan of the new My Little Pony Friendship is Magic series but, sometimes it is nice to pull out the old school 80s episodes for the sake of nostalgia. If I’m not in a pony mood, I’ll likely reach for The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin. Both make a lovely way to spend the day.

    Do you have a favorite 80s series? Any recommendations for me to expand my rainy day viewing?

  • My Fugitive Flowers
    Today was declared yard work day at our house since the weather was unseasonably warm and our poor yard and landscaping desperately needed some attention. As I was wrestling with my massively overgrown rosebushes in an attempt to cut them back for the winter, I couldn’t help but laugh as I found myself thinking about the “Fugitive Flowers” episode of My Little Pony and Friends.

    For those not familiar with this episode (and I pity you if you have not been exposed to it in all its 80s-product-hocking glory) it can briefly be summarized as the following:

    Flower loving Pony (Posey) takes pity on talking pathetic scrawny flowers who are actually escaped convicts and plants them in her garden. The flowers deplete the garden of all nutrients, kill the other plants and become rude enormous bully flowers. When all seems lost, a troop of gargantuan law enforcement crabs (yes, I said crabs) round up the deviant flowers and take them away. Posey then learns an important lesson through song about not judging people ( or um…flowers or crabs) based solely on their appearance.

    So as I was cursing my rosebushes for getting so ridiculously large this year I was also kinda wishing I had a giant crab on hand since my fiskar hedge trimmers were pretty dull. Plus, I found myself with this song in my head:

    In short……..Summer-1, Rosebushes-0