Princess Twinkle Star

The second generation was different in a lot of ways but none more obvious then when it came to pegasus ponies. In addition to the fact that this was the first generation where some unicorns also had wings, the pegasus ponies of the second generation could… remove their wings entirely! As Princess Twinkle Star on the right shows, their wings were removeable and clipped either onto the pony’s back or in your hair.

Once you had a pair of G2 wings, this let you make any G2 pony into a pegasus… just like that! Pretty nifty, huh?

One thing I find strange, though, is that… of all the pony conventions and meet-ups I’ve been to over the years, I can’t ever remember seeing someone wearing a pair of G2 wings in their hair. See how cute it would look?

Why isn’t this fashion trend sweeping the collecting community? Have you ever rocked this look? Pictures are absolutely welcome!

PS: I know that G1 Flutter Ponies wings come out but since they aren’t supposed to be removed, they don’t count as being removable. 😉