• It has been quite some time since I’ve had the time or energy to browse Ebay and other online sales sites. However, now that I’m spending time cataloguing my collection again, I’m determined to fill in a few gaps and find myself looking for new ponies to add to my collection. If you are familiar with Ebay, you can appreciate how easy it is to be sucked into the vortex of online auctions and sales. It isn’t something I allow myself to do regularly, but when I do I go all out.

    Currently on my radar are a few missing G3 items. While they aren’t terribly exciting to track down, it is fun having a focus and a goal to work towards. I think that’s part of the appeal of collecting My Little Pony (aside from the ponies themselves.)  I’m also actively seeking the last few Euro/German ponies that I’m missing. While I’ve made these my focus, it doesn’t stop other things from catching my eye. In the past month, I’ve added 3 Venezuelans, and a Peruvian. Plus, I’ve received a few packages from Europe.

     I think my mail carrier has suspicions that I might be involved in shady international dealings. Little does she know I run an international pony cartel.

  • A collecting moral dilemma
    If you frequent Ebay and search “My Little Pony” with any regularity (which I do) or if you read about the latest pony news on one of the myriad of My Little Pony message boards (which I also do.) You may have noticed unreleased My Little Pony toys being offered for sale from a certain Asian website. Resellers in the US have begun to purchase these desirable items from said website and then turn a hefty profit. Or  maybe you have noticed fellow collectors who bulk order from this Asian site and then sell to members at cost.

    Just to be clear, the purpose of writing this is not to chide resellers or to point fingers at bulk ordering collectors. To the resellers that can snag a bargain and then make a profit- more power to you, and I think it is great that collectors are willing to help each other out when tracking down pony items. It is just one of the qualities that make the Pony community so great. Where I’m finding issue (if there truly is one) is the origin of these ponies. Are they legally obtained?

    I think it is strange that there are multiple unreleased pony items being sold sans packaging. While some of these items/designs may find their way to store shelves in the future, there are others that are clearly the product of factory mess-ups that were never intended for sale. An example of this is this Rainbow Dash:

    Clearly, this was an “oops” moment. Rainbow Dash is supposed to have wings and she doesn’t! Or this one:

    Rarity ended up with Princess Celestia’s hair colors. Oops!

    Curious minds (mine included) are finding themselves wondering. Were people in China given these ponies to do what they please straight from the factory which is resulting in sellers trying to make a buck on online websites. Or are these items the product of factory workers sneaking product out the back door?

    As a collector, I’ll admit these oddities are a pretty awesome addition to any collection. At the same time, I find myself wondering if by buying these items I’m supporting illegal activity (a.k.a. stealing ponies.) The moral dilemma perpetuates.

    If you have any thoughts or insight on this issue I’d love to hear it!