My brother got married !!

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Back in the early days of My Little Pony, Hasbro gave us all those brides and wedding dresses… you better believe we had some weddings. Summer did a great post tracing weddings, brides and wedding dresses throughout the history of MLP here.

In honor of the Wedding of the Century on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic today, I wanted to ask: When you were little, which ponies did you couple off? Which of your ponies were married to each other or coupled off?

If you got into MLP as an adult, tell us who you ship these days.

When I was little, my favorite pony couple was Moondancer (that I made male) and Glory. Their kids were Baby Moondancer (who, oddly enough, was still female and just totally Daddy’s little girl) and Baby Glory. (Pearlized Baby Glory and Moondancer were their freaky cousins from an alternate dimension. Obviously.)

I also had Special Edition Firefly married to original Firefly. Someone on Twitter told me this was weird and like marrying her to her clone which I never really thought about before. I think I renamed special edition Firefly something like Lighting so it wasn’t weird that they had the same name. That said, I have two friends in real life named Jamie (one male, one female) who are married so it’s not that weird. 😉

My weirdest family was Wigwam who was married to Peppermint Crunch and lived in the Show Stable with their three kids: Little Racer, Frilly Flower, and Baby Wiggles. I keep meaning to commission a fan artist to draw me this because I definitely need a picture of this little family hanging in my office somewhere.

Lemon Drop moved into a Collector’s Case (which, let’s face it, are basically pony condos) with Peachy after Peachy sold the Pretty Parlor to Twilight and Sunbeam and their Teeny Tiny pony twins, Sniffles and Snookums (they waited a long time to have kids, clearly).

Tux ‘n Tails also left Satin ‘n Lace and ran off with Bow Tie. It was a huge scandal.

Anyway, that’s some of my childhood couplings. How about you?

Did anyone couple ponies from different generations?