• Pony Project- Girl Power!

    On Saturday night, the My Little Pony Project L.A. held its opening night at the Toy Art Gallery. We Love Fine hosted a live video feed from the event and I tuned in for a few minutes to watch people wave their arms and jump up and down in front of the camera obnoxiously, before deciding that I’d be much better served checking out the photos later (sans crazies). LA Weekly posted a great slide show of the event and I find it interesting that it highlights the artwork and the female fans almost exclusively. I’m sure that there were plenty of Bronies in attendance (I know I saw a few act a fool on the live feed), but from the photos you wouldn’t know they were a presence. I guess I don’t blame LA Weekly, girls typically look a lot better in rainbow wigs and glitter than most men!

  • Further Reading…Pony Style #3
    I have only one missing My Little Pony from my Euro collection (Great Hair Highlights for those who might have her available for sale!) and just a handful of German exclusives left to hunt down so it is almost time for me to move on to another pony collecting focus. The question is which one? There are so many awesome foreign ponies from so many different places and it is going to be difficult to choose.

    One country that I feel doesn’t get as much pony love as it should is Mexico, and after checking out Mexican Pony Paradise, it may be a contender! Peppermint Truly has put together a great website devoted solely to My Little Ponies exclusively sold in Mexico. She is a native of Mexico City and she grew up with these unique ponies and luckily, she has chosen to share her knowledge and the history of them with the rest of us.