While there have been jokes about My Little Pony on a variety of shows, there’s been no MLP cameo more prominent than Princess Sparkle‘s turn on the television show The O. C.

Featured in three episodes over seasons 1 and 2, Princess Sparkle was not just seen in the background but was a plot point in her appearances. (The O. C. Wiki can give you a better overview of the episodes she starred in if you care deeply about how she related to the plot.)

But what did this high profile TV cameo do to the collectability of this member of G1 royalty? Princess Ponies were already pretty collectible to begin with and Princess Sparkle’s suddenly stardom rocketed her value up higher than it had ever been before as fans of the television show started competing with collectors for this vintage pony star. At one point she was selling for over $100 dollars!

As The O. C. has been off the air for several years now, Princess Sparkle’s value has gone down from the wild highs it once reached in the 2000’s but she is still one of the higher value Princess Ponies thanks to her brief stint with TV stardom. But now that the market has cooled, you can usually snag one at a more normal price if you’re willing to wait for it.

Where you lucky enough to snag your Princess Sparkle before the great inflation? What’s your favorite MLP television cameo? Do you totally still ship her with Captain Oats?