• Off to Seattle!

    Tomorrow I’ll be Seattle bound with Mary to attend EverfreeNW over the weekend. I’ll be representing the MY LITTLE PONY Fair at the event. I will also have some copies of my books on hand and am willing to sign and chat ponies with fellow pony fans!

    We’ll have some Fair Exclusive logo trading pins, key chains, and other goodies up for grabs so come and see us at booth #2!

    It should be a good time as Mary and I are bound to get into some sort of pony shenanigans.

    Now off to pack… nothing like waiting until the last minute!

  • July Wrap-Up
    Yes, I do realize that it is now August and I am way behind in my pony blogging. I’ll blame it on the Olympics. Damn you beach volleyball, synchronized divers, and mesmerizing rhythmic gymnasts for distracting me with your pretty ribbons!

    I attended the annual Cincinnati Pony Meet at the end of July and despite arriving almost two hours late (I was navigationally challenged that day and it didn’t occur to me to use the GPS on my smart phone until AFTER I had gotten myself lost twice) I ended up having a great time. It was really nice to attend a small gathering where I had the chance to actually relax and have conversations with fellow collectors. The Cinci hostesses are a great group and since none of them made it to the MY LITTLE PONY Fair this year, it was nice to see them. Aside from the customary buying and selling, they hosted several games including a Pony version of Trivial Pursuit, Horseshoe Bingo, and a game that involved hitting a Fakie off of a tee with a baseball bat.

    I sold and signed a few books, and ended up purchasing  a few accessories, some stickers and both large and small symbol versions of German Nightlight. It was nice to actually check off some ponies from my wantlist.

    I remembered to bring my camera along and while I didn’t get many photos, the pictures I did take will make a nice addition to my pony event scrapbook.

    Pony Pursuit! This game was thought up by Sheena and was absolutely adorable. I want a copy of the questions so I can quiz myself at home!

                                       Wack a Fakie Game         Awesome scene contest entry by Nintendo Steve

    Playing Bingo (with fellow pony author, Deb Birge) which I co-won with Mary. What were the odds of that happening?

     A quick Pony memory board I put together for my table including some moments that haven’t  yet been added to my scrapbook.

    Next pony event on the agenda-  I’ll be at the KYPonymeet held in Lexington on September 15th and will most likely be bringing some collection items for display and some freebies for fellow attendees.