• Driving Miss Pinkie
    My husband and I recently purchased a brand new Chevy Equinox LTZ after fighting one too many battles with getting my son, London, in and out of our Nissan Xterra. He weighs close to 30 pounds and swinging him up and into his car seat everyday was a workout. Plus, we wanted to replace my husband’s 12 year old S10 truck. So, I get the new car and Matt gets my Xterra (which I am a little sad about since I LOVE that car… except for the car seat workout part). Anyway, after much debate and many test drives I have a new car and I really like it. Which leads me to today’s topic:

    My Little Pony Cars!

    There was a time when I couldn’t even begin to imagine a Pony ever driving a car, but thanks to Hasbro’s clever marketing, I now pity the Ponies who don’t have their own set of wheels.

    First, was Rainbow Swirl with her Ice Cream truck in the G3 line. It seemed a little strange that she got to drive around Ponyville in her own truck while other ponies were hoofing it. Business must have been so good and she couldn’t possibly have been expected to push all that ice cream around on a cart. If Lickety-Split has taught us anything it is that ponies love them some ice cream.

    Then, as part of the the G3.5 Newborn Cuties line, Baby Pinkie Pie and her Mom traveled in style in a pink convertible. Pinkie had her own car seat because when ponies dive, they want to make sure they take all the necessary safety precautions.

    A bunch of little coups were available as part of the Ponyville line.

    In the G4 line, both Pinke Pie and Twilight Sparkle got their own remote control cars for high speed hands-free driving.

    And lastly, not a pony car but instead a car with ponies so I feel it is worth mentioning. Mary and I saw this while at the Everfree Northwest Convention and we were puzzled why someone would spray paint their car (badly) just for an event. The car didn’t appear to be in terrible shape (before the hack spray job.) We concluded that the owner probably suffers from spray painter’s remorse.

    For the record…. My car will remain Pony free (at least on the outside!)

  • Winter Wrap Up (for Realsies!)
    Okay, so maybe not the type of winter wrap up you were thinking of, but cold weather is just around the corner and what better way to stay warm and toasty than by wrapping up in a comfy My Little Pony inspired fleece scarf.


    ABridgesBoutique on Etsy creates made to order fleece scarves that have pony cutie marks (ahem.. symbols) incorporated on them. Too cute! You may know Aadra310, the owner of ABridgesBoutique, from the MLPTP and the Arena as she is a long time collector. Her creations use inspiration from multiple pony gens, so even if you aren’t a Friendship is Magic fan, she can make something for you too! Plus, I had the opportunity to meet her at the MY LITTLE PONY Fair and she is a sweetheart so I can’t help but promote her and her efforts!