• Lexington Pony Pictures!
    A few weeks ago, I attended a Pony collector gathering in Lexington, KY hosted by the lovely Gypsy. It was a smaller group with some serious old school collectors. It was so much fun sitting around chatting ponies all day and seeing what people brought for our collection show and tell. In addition to playing some really fun games, we all brought food dishes to share (which included Ashlyne’s unicorn poop cookies… they were super creative and very tasty!)

    I debuted my collection of Venezuela ponies, which was fun to finally show off.
    Lemondrop Wishes brought her collection of Lemondrop ponies and a really awesome Lemondrop toothbrush set. I have the Heart Throb version, but I didn’t even know that the Lemondrop version existed!
    Lady Satine brought these cute custom butterfly wings that she designed and a few custom creations sporting them. Too cute!
     We also got to take a tour of Gypsy’s Ponyroom and I absolutely love her acrylic cases. What a great way to show off those lovely ponies!
    These were lots of other awesome things that other collectors brought, but I guess I was too wrapped up in them to remember to take photos. I had so much fun and can’t wait for next time we all get together!