I have two primary digital cameras, a smaller pocket sized camera for on the go and my mega SLR camera. It seems I have misplaced the chargers for both! I’ve spent the last several days searching every possible place they could be hiding only to come to the conclusion that they must still be in Brooklyn. I guess I should be thankful that I made it home with the cameras themselves…

Anyway, I have several fun photos to share with you all of my fun trip to Brooklyn, New York and my adventures at Big Apple Ponycon where I was a speaker and featured Guest of Honor (fun stuff!!)… once I get my replacement chargers.

To all of you that are thinking, “Why don’t you just insert your memory card into your card reader?” I’ll admit that I can’t seem to locate my card adapter that fits in my card reader.

The most frustrating fact of this whole ordeal is that for once my house and office are both clean and organized.