The My Little Pony 2009-2012 Collector’s Inventory

The My Little Pony 2009-2012 Collector’s Inventory

For Immediate Release: Since the early 1980’s, My Little Pony has been a household name and remains one of the hottest collectibles of the last century. The worldwide hit My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, an animated television series currently airing on The Hub Network from creator Lauren Faust (The Powerpuff Girls, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends), has brought a host of new fans of all ages to the brand and the toys are currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity. As the brand celebrates its 30th Anniversary, a new book by Summer Hayes, The My Little Pony 2009-2012 Collector’s Inventory (ISBN: 9780982400326), helps adult fans like bronies and pegasisters to discover what little girls knew all along: half the fun of My Little Pony is trying to collect them all!

The My Little Pony 2009-2012 Collector’s Inventory highlights some of the most exciting years in the history of the MLP brand. This popular Hasbro toy line received not one but two makeovers between 2009 and 2012 and it can be daunting for collectors to keep details like poses, trading cards and cutie marks straight. Summer Hayes has created the ultimate collector’s resource with everything pony fans of any age need to organize their collection from the Core 7 to the Mane 6. With hundreds of full color photos of items both in and out of packaging as well as checklists to keep track of all the tiny accessories, Summer guides even the greenest newbie through fan favorite sets like Dress Up, So Soft, New Look, Newborn Cuties, Ponyville, Mermaids, Canterlot, Pony Friends Forever, Royal Wedding, Dolly Mix, Blind Bag miniatures and more.

Parents of junior My Little Pony fans often find themselves faced with bins of accessories with no idea which part originally came with which set while advanced collectors need a reference to guide the hunt to complete their collections. With ample illustrations to allow for easy identification and simple language to accommodate both adult fans and children who love to play with My Little Pony, The My Little Pony 2009-2012 Collector’s Inventory provides the tools to enable collectors of any experience level to not only keep track of what they have, but also to see what else they might need to track down to complete a set. For an adult fan of the any MLP generation, it also provides an excellent opportunity for a shared hobby where parent and child alike can work together to build their collections and develop organizational skills.

From unique exclusives and hard to find special editions to the ponies, playsets and plush widely available in retail stores, there’s a reason Summer Hayes’ My Little Pony Collector’s Inventory series is considered the definitive reference guide by serious and casual collectors alike.

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About the Author:

Summer Hayes has been collecting My Little Ponies for as long as she can remember. Over the years, she has accumulated an extensive collection of ponies, accessories, and merchandise from all four generations and from multiple countries. Summer has been active in the My Little Pony collecting community for many years. She currently coordinates the MY LITTLE PONY Fair and Convention, an annual event celebrating My Little Pony and the people who collect them. Summer currently resides in southern Indiana with her husband, son, and their barky dogs.

Visit Summer’s blog for updates on her writing projects, MY LITTLE PONY Fair planning, and ramblings about all things My Little Pony.

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