• Make-Your-Own My Little Pony Collection at Build-A-Bear Workshop
    Back in April, when Build-A-Bear Workshop launched their Make-Your-Own Pony Collection with Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash and special outfits I was beyond excited. I loved the look of the ponies and their brushable hair. After all, as a MLP collector, you tend to get excited if their hair can be brushed.

    As I was drooling over the promo pictures released online and planning my trip to Build-A-Bear, I had the brilliant idea of inviting Build-A-Bear Workshop to host a Make-Your-Own Pony Party at the 2013 MY LITTLE PONY Fair. Even though the MLP products are to be sold exclusively in Build-A-Bear Workshop stores, Hasbro gave them the all clear to participate in the Fair. So, while I wanted to go make my Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash right away, I patiently waited until the MY LITTLE PONY Fair and I’m so glad I did.

    The MY LITTLE PONY Fair Make-Your-Own Pony Party hosted by Build-A-Bear was a huge success and so much fun. I was able to snap some photos of some of the Fair goers as they participated in the Heart Ceremony.

    Cute right?

    This past Friday, I took my little guy to Build-A-Bear. He had never been and has recently been begging to go to make a kitty cat after seeing the Build-A-Bear commercial. Of course I was on board since the new Twilight Sparkle and Spike had been released. Plus, I had lots of “Bear Bucks” I had earned from scheduling the Fair BAB party. I invited my Cousin and her little girl to go with us and it was an all around great day. Both little ones made their own animal and I can home with Twilight Sparkle (with her outfit) and Spike.

    I really like the large size of the Build-A-Bear Ponies. I had them add extra stuffing since my will be displayed on a shelf in the Pony Room. I noticed that while the Build-A-Bear did have the Rainbow Dash Plush Ponies available (in addition to Twilight Sparkle) it seems that Pinkie Pie has been discontinued.

    Here are a couple of photos of my newest collection additions as well as a photo of L and his “New Kitty” just because. Enjoy!

  • 2013 Ohio Pony Meet!
    Last Saturday, I was up at 5 am so I could drop off London at my mom’s house and drive to Cincinnati for the annual Ohio Pony Meet. Matt and I thought about taking London along with us, but he’s still pretty small and to be honest, I wanted to spend my day chatting about ponies and not chasing around a toddler.

    We set up our sales table with some of my extras that I managed to get clean and shiny before the meet and a quick display I threw together of my jewelry designs.

    I left Matt to man the table and I went to check out the other sales tables. I was able to find a handful of G1 combs and brushes I was missing, a clear Funko Dr. Whooves vinyl figure, and I swapped a few MLP Enterplay cards with other collectors. I’m now a little closer to completing series 2!

    This year’s theme was “Having a Luau” and the hostesses put together some really cute decorations!

    We enjoyed lunch, which included these adorably decorated chocolate covered strawberries.

    Games included Pony Trivia, Whack a Fakie, and Bingo. Sadly, I didn’t get any photos of the Trivia or Bingo, but here’s a fun photo of Mary at bat.

    The whole day went by quickly and was a really great time. Thanks to the Ohio hostess crew for putting together a fun event!