• The Newest Collector’s Inventory Guide Photos and Commentary
    Clearly, I need to devote more time to self promotion as my newest book, The My Little Pony 2009-2012 Collector’s Inventory, has been available for a few months and yet I haven’t yet found the time to write about it! My newest title debuted at the MY LITTLE PONY Fair in Indianapolis, Indiana in July and I was able to not only able to have copies on hand to sell, but I also presented a short book talk where I’m sure I rambled on and on about collecting. Once you get me chatting about ponies, it is hard to get me to stop. Luckily, I don’t think my segment was filmed, so I can be spared the embarrassment of watching myself.The turn out for my talk was great and there were plenty of questions during the question and answer session. Plus, there was a lovely young girl named Elizabeth who had studied my previously released guides intensively. She was able to reference passages and photos while she spoke and was even brave enough to point out a few small typos/omissions she had discovered. I’m not sure why people get so weird about politely bringing those types of things up to me. I do not get offended and in fact, I welcome the opportunity to send the edits to my publisher so those little things can be fixed when they release new editions .

    Here’s a photo during my signing with Elizabeth. Please excuse the fact that I look mega-exhausted… it comes with the territory of running an event. 🙂

    The My Little Pony 2009-2012 Collector’s Inventory is available on Amazon.com and I’ve been told that both Barnes and Nobel and Books-a-Million are also stocking it as well.

    I noticed that Amazon has a fancy “Look Inside” feature for the book, but it only shows the first portion of the book a.k.a. no G4 preview. As I was organizing my files earlier this evening, I came across some of the page mock-up files that were sent to me to review from my editor before the actual publication of the book. These may not be exact pages/ layout that made it into the book, but I figured I’d post a few here so people can get a feel of how the G4 material is organized and presented in the book.


    If you have a copy of my newest book (or any of my books) please feel free to submit a review to Amazon. I enjoy reading them. They give me a boost and allow me to get myself motivated to get projects done. 🙂