• I am Thankful
    While I reflect on all I am thankful for in the spirit of the season, I can’t help but include My Little Pony in that list. What an amazing impact these little plastic ponies have had on my life! Throughout the years, they have morphed into more than just childhood playthings. I spent countless hours as a child dreaming up magical adventures and far away places for my ponies to travel and experience. They were my pastime but have since evolved into a passion. 

    When I go to the store (and undoubtedly check the toy aisle) and see a little girl fawning over the My Little Ponies lining the shelves it gives me warm fuzzies. I love that a new generation of little girls are embracing the magic of Pony and are creating adventures of their own full of magic and wonder. Then, I smile to myself because there is the tiniest of possibilities that this little girl could grow up and continue to collect and embrace My Little Pony and it could literally change her life, as it did for me.

    I’ve had so many amazing real life adventures and experiences and met so many interesting and colorful people due entirely to Ponies. I’ve had the opportunity to work doing what I love surrounded by people who feel as passionately as I do about little ponies with brushable manes. For that and for all of you that continue to support me as I plan, write, or create my next Pony project I am thankful.

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving!