Yesterday, as I was moving Pony stuff around in the basement (as part of The Great Ponyroom Overhaul of 2013) I came across my collection of My Little Pony ornaments. I hadn’t planned on putting them out this year, but we ended up with an extra 4ft. tree in our living room that needed some love so I brought them upstairs to the delight of my son. He helped me decorate the tree and had a great time. Seeing them all in one place made me realize that I really need to add some more G4 Pony ornaments to my collection. The tree is pretty predominately G3.

In addition to decorating, my family has been going through our holiday movie collection with wild abandon. In the last week, if the television is on, you can pretty much guarantee that it is showing something Christmas related.  I’m pretty sure that these two will make it into the rotation soon!