I’ve been working on this project for a few months off and on. Trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to include was the hardest part, but I feel like it is well on its way to shaping into something worthwhile. Glossi was a great platform to use since this is an experiment of sorts and I have little (other than time) invested in it. This is my first foray into a collector magazine and if you have feedback, I’d love to hear it. I plan on expanding the magazine in the future to include some past generation content, as well as possibly bringing a few other people on board to edit and write content. Plus, I’ve since learned that it will streamline things if I build the magazine outside of Glossi and simply import the pages and interactive page elements. As it stands, I have a bunch of raw images that can be linked by other users which isn’t ideal. I wanted to keep it simple at first since I was on a bit of a learning curve.  MY LITTLE PONY COLLECTOR Magazine seemed like the perfect compliment to my other MLP related endeavors (The MY LITTLE PONY Fair and the Collector’s Inventory books.) I have some other fun stuff up my sleeves as well, but they aren’t quite ready to reveal. So take a moment, if you will, to read, enjoy, and share the first MY LITTLE PONY COLLECTOR Magazine.