A while ago, I mentioned that I wanted to try a little experiment called Operation Scan & Save My Little Pony Puzzles. The idea behind this was that, while most of us MLP collectors are interested in seeing the puzzles, not everyone collects them. Cardboard doesn’t last forever, shouldn’t we try to do something to preserve the puzzles before they all fall apart?

My idea was simple: If you have an MLP puzzle, preferably a vintage one, make a high resolution scan of not only the box front (which shows the puzzle picture assembled) but also all the individual pieces. This way collectors can tell which pieces go with which puzzle to figure out what they are missing and, in the near future where intact puzzles are a rarity (pun intended?), someone could simply print out the scans of the puzzles, glue them to some new cardboard and still enjoy putting them together.  I’m hoping Hasbro doesn’t object to this from a copyright standpoint. Our intentions are 100% respectful of their copyright, we just want a digital back-up of some of their great work before age ruins them.

If you have a puzzle that isn’t already pictured below (or if you have a better quality sample of any below) and would like to add it to this gallery please drop me an email. We plan to have galleries for every toy generation so any MLP puzzle is welcome!

Here are the G1 MLP puzzles we’ve got so far: