As the Lulu services marketplace is a little buried right now in the new site release, we at Priced Nostalgia knew we had to up our offerings a little to make you Lulu creators want to trek all the way over to find us.

Firstly, our most popular service has been renamed the eBay and Google Distribution Service because, in addition to the usual 1 year eBay and eBay Express placement, you now also get a year on Google Base (their product site) as well as a huge host of additional benefits that we never offered before including email marketing and more. And best of all? We increased what the service gave you, but didn’t increase the price! (This upgrade is also retroactive so, if you already have this service, you start benefiting right away!)

To read about all the new updates to this services, please visit the page that we set up for it at

(Please note, we offer a discount if you purchase two eBay and Google Distribution packages. If you are looking to purchase more than 2, please let us know and we can work out a custom discount.)

Secondly, we are pleased to announce a brand new service! Priced Nostalgia is now offering Lulu Storefront logo design for a very small fee. Just let us know what you had in mind and our design staff will create you a professional logo to not only match your storefront design, but also give it that unique and personal touch. As this service becomes established, we will likely raise the price so you will want to take advantage now while you can!

Are you getting lots of hits on your content but it just isn’t selling? Feel like your product description or book jacket text could use a revamp? Priced Nostalgia would be happy to do that for you for much less than you would think.

Lastly, though we did not change this service, we just wanted to remind you that Priced Nostalgia still offers the least expensive Press Release Creation package on Lulu. We have had a large number of happy customers who were wowed by our press release work who are successfully marketing their work and we would love the chance to show you what we can do for your creation!

With all the new service offerings available on Lulu, as one of the first and top ten bestselling service providers we invite you to visit our storefront and check us out! If you don’t see something that fits your needs, please contact us and we will work with you to create a custom package.