If you do a lot of My Little Pony shopping online, you may have run into a listing that says, OOAK. Let us clear this up for you. OOAK stands for One Of a Kind and usually refers to custom creations.

These are ponies that have been reborn by a pony artist (customizer) into a totally new pony. Since this new creation is the only one around of her type, she is one of a kind!

Unfortunately, some confused eBay sellers have gotten the mistaken impression that OOAK just means “rare” and will use it on a store bought pony so be sure to read the description before buying so that you know what you are getting.

Now, MLP fans aren’t the only ones with customs and OOAK creations. Barbie, G I Joe and other toys have also sparked the imagination of customizers around the world.

If you want to see some lovely artwork, search for OOAK in eBay categories like Fantasy, Barbie or My Little Pony. Maybe you’ll become inspired to create some OOAK items of your own.

Here is a small gallery we prepared of some OOAK items on eBay right now for your enjoyment. Move your mouse over any thumbnail below to make it larger or click the thumbnail to see the full listing with additional photos.