• Exclusive Rainbow Dash Hug Me Backpack from We Love Fine!

    Super cute new My Little Pony Rainbow Dash backpack launched today on the We Love Fine website.

    Here’s what they have to say about their product:
    “At WeLoveFine, we are exceptionally proud of our relationship with the My Little Pony fan community, who have not only been incredibly supportive of us but so creative and enthusiastic about their love of the show and the characters; their excitement is infectious!

    It’s in part out of inspiration from the MLP fans’ spirit that we decided to create a product brand new to our site. It is not only fun, but fashionable and indeed 20% (or more!) cooler. We are delighted to release it as buzz is reaching a peak for the upcoming debut of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Season 3 on November 10th!

    Introducing the Rainbow Dash Hug Me Backpack! This bright, cuddly limited edition Rainbow Dash backpack is exclusive toWeLoveFine.com and features a zippered 5×5″ pocket (enough for your phone, keys and wallet), adjustable straps that extend to 35″ and will fit comfortably on a ladies’ small through a mens’ 3XL! For ages 13 and up, it retails for $50.”
    Personally, I love the fact that they sent this promo image of a guy wearing the backpack along as well as the above images.
     I want to see this guy walking around downtown with Rainbow Dash slung over his shoulders. Bronies are obviously a proud people.