• MLP Fair Weekend General Admission Have SOLD OUT! General Admission Passes for Saturday ONLY are still available!

    The My Little Pony Fair has had a banner year for ticket sales. While this is very exciting and means there will be plenty of pony fans in attendance, it also means that the events scheduled for Friday such as the Hasbro Tour and The My Little Obsession movie premiere are at capacity. Adult and child general admission tickets are still available through our eventbrite ticketing system for the main day of the Fair on Saturday. Online ticket sales will end on Friday July 1st. Visit www.mylittleponycon.com for details.

  • Pinkie Pie’s Pie Hole
    The other day while I was in Target, I spotted this…

    A Pinkie Pie bubble machine complete with My Little Pony bubble solution! I haven’t found anything new in my area for awhile so I happily added her to my cart to fulfill my pony fix. Plus, I rationalized to myself that my 5 and a half month old would love the bubbles. When we got home, I rushed outside with my husband carrying the baby, to try out Pinkie.  I pulled the trigger on her tail which raises her head up and bubbles came spewing out of her mouth. I found this very amusing since it reminded me of those cartoons where the character swallows a bar of soap, and if a pony was going to swallow a bar of soap, it would be Pinkie Pie.

    While I delighted in the bubbles coming out of Pinkie Pie’s Pie Hole, London was not impressed.

    Let this be a lesson: My Little Pony purchases can not be rationalized no matter how hard I try.

  • Hasbro Offers Designers’ Seminar at the Fair!

    The Designers at Hasbro are offering a seminar for MLP Fair Attendees!

    Hasbro Designers’ Seminar
    Time: Saturday 10-11
    Limit 50 people
    Description: “This will be a seminar walking through the process of how we developed the latest MLP look both from a 3D toy perspective and an entertainment perspective.”
    The Fair staff is working out the details on how to handle sign-ups for this event as it is bound to be popular! We will most likely be doing a lottery system.
    Stay tuned to find out how you can have a chance to attend!